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Providing K9 Law Enforcement products since 1980.

Stuart K9 products offers a custom designed collection of Law Enforcement, Civilian and Schutzhund products. This includes an assortment of uniform pins both in gold and nickel plated double clutch pins. Dog breeds would include German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Labrador, Bloodhound, Doberman and Rottweiler. Also special unit pins such as K9 Explosive Detection, DRE (Drug Recognition Expert), SRO (School Resource Officer), ACO pins (Animal Control Officer) and FTO (Field Training Officer).

Additional products would include K9 Patches, Dog Fence Signs, Vehicle Decals, Standard Dog Head Decals, Weather Proof Dog Head Decals and Standard and Custom ball caps. Also electronic Stun Guns and Super Stun Batons to repel attacking animals and humans. We provide FREE SHIPPING on our uniform pins, patches and dog decals!

Sheriff K-9 Embroidered Ball Cap "Keep Away" Vinyl Vehicle Decal Weatherproof Dog Fence Sign Shepherd
K-9 Unit/Shepherd Round Head Patch (#1) Malinois Head Decals K9 Wreath Pin (Large)
Malinois Head Decals
Our Price: $6.95
K9 Wreath Pin (Large)
Our Price: $10.95